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Welcome to my websites dedicated to the practical issues of advertising. It is designed especially for those wishing to use the services of an advertising agency, or its potential customers.

I will try to help you choose the right advertising agency, a hint on what to look for, I will show worthy (in my opinion) because agencies. My guidance to a large extent will refer to the area of Bielsko-Biała and the surrounding area, as it is well-known to me. You will find here but a lot of information and advice universal also opinions (agencja reklamowa bielsko - opinie). Enjoy!

How find good advertising agency

Where to find the advertising agency , which most effectively meet your needs in terms of advertising ? This is not an easy task - the choice of a good agency is affected by a whole range of items. We want it to be creative , efficient , cheap and experienced . How can such a find and what to take into account when choosing appropriately - the bit in this article.

When selecting an advertising agency for your business , pay attention to :

  • Ideas - effective advertising is the most unique ones .
  • Reliability - good advertising agency (dobra agencja reklamowa Bielsko) working in a balanced way , realizing intentions of their clients without unnecessary fireworks - not always the advertisement must be extremely creative , sometimes it is sufficient to be recognizable and effective - appropriate agency to recognize when it is necessary firecracker creativity , and when effective stability.
  • References of agencja reklamowa Bielsko - should take a look at the mind of the customer services of the agency , each ad agency makes sure to get the most favorable reviews from their customers - shapes the way its brand is reliable and signals . The need , therefore, to see early realization of the agency (agencja reklamy Bielsko), to see whether the work and how it commented on its customers .
  • Experience - fledgling agency can not cope with complex projects. Agency with long experience has called . "know how" - knows how to act in certain situations and expectations of customers , thanks to lead the project in a more efficient way.
  • Range of products - selecting the agency should know what to expect - whether you want to work on many different projects, and we are interested kopleksowość services , or only in one narrow specialization. If we wish to make our advertising fully cover a variety of areas - should ask the agency that covers the action of them all. This gives us the guarantee of the coherence graphic projects.

You find. What next?

  1. At this stage, should be sent to all agencies sophisticated price request - join the most important guidelines related to the project which would give rise to requirements and no doubt you were wondering . Reply path and length of the waiting list will be for you additional information . When you receive an email without a signature , with unfinished sentences - that is, that the agency does not treat you too seriously. But when the answer you expect more than 2-3 business days signals the binding problems with punctuality .
  2. Be ready for a list of questions from the agency - a positive sign , so act reliable agencies . Often they send to complete a form containing questions involving the order - making it easier for them to do a project that meets your expectations. Remember to book some time to fill out all the answers.
  3. Deadline for implementation. The promise of execution of the order within 1 day, most often a synonym for mediocrity execution - for example, if the agency makes sure that doing several projects logo needs only one day, it can be assumed in advance that it will prove a poor projects or proposals selected from those that EARLIER customers are not accepted . The time required to do the initial concept depends , inter alia, on the complexity of the project and the workload of an advertising agency - agencja reklamy.
  4. Remember that a well- executed job costs - a good quality computer hardware and photographic programs to create graphics , photos , fonts, necessary licenses , time spent on the project and any other costs which the functioning of the company. No mater it is projektowanie stron Bielsko, sklepy www Bielsko, oklejanie samochodów Bielsko or banery bielsko. Abnormally low cost advertising order is just false economy . Soon identical to outsource the job to another company , because the previous project has not fulfilled its intended task.
  5. And for the finale - before signing the contract read it in detail ! Please include consideration of whether the care copyrights for freelance project , and whether you can continue to duplicate .

Agencja reklamowa Bielsko

Here I will write about good advertising agency.

I. STUDIO DAR from Bielsko-Biała

The first of our proposals is the STUDIO DAR - Agencja reklamowa Bielsko located at the st. Bystrzańska 114 in Bielsko-Biała, website:
The company has an established position in the market, and the team consists of cool, creative, young people. What is
important - it is characterized by the professionalism and promptness of action orders.
The offer includes services from a broader advertising (from concept, through design, to implementation) - internal, external and online - reklama internetowa, zewnętrzna, wewnętrzna.

Basic offer:
  • website (strony www Bielsko, sklepy www Bielsko, pozycjonowanie stron, modernizacja stron internetowych, aplikacje mobilne, banery flash)
  • visual identity (projektowanie logo, Ksiega Znaku, koperty, papier firmowy, dokumenty firmowe)
  • car wrapping (oklejanie samochodów Bielsko)
  • outside advertising (szyldy, litery 3D, oklejanie witryn sklepowych folią OWV, banery Bielsko)

More agnecies soon.